Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Moving Forward

Today I'm actually having fun with my home-made photo shoot. I wanted to start uploading some photos of the projects that I've finished onto Flickr. It is so much fun dressing up my dress form with my finished work. I feel like I am at a studio getting the set ready for the photographer. Maybe I should find a job in advertising fashion. I love photography and fashion. Oh, there I go again delving into a new area. Coming back to what I was talking about, as I take a picture of each garment I reminisce on when approximately I made that piece and what I learned from making it. I don't want to just make something without learning. My goal always is to learn something new from each project.

I would like to encourage you to think about each project you pick out. What could you learn from that project? Are you picking out the same safe stitch patterns or have you delved into something new? Is there a new technique that you could learn from that project? Do they ask for a type of yarn that you haven't worked with before? Are there needles or hooks that you haven't worked with, such as double pointed needles for knitting or afghan hook for crochet? Have you made something that requires shaping? All these are just some of the new areas to explore and have fun with.

Skills are built by trying something that might not be so comfortable at first, but could bring such a feeling of satisfaction when you can say that you understand it and you got it. So don't be scared of the, 'oh I might not do it right or I can't do that, or that is out of my skill range'. If you need to take baby steps then do so, but don't stay a baby because you will miss out on all the fun and new things to learn. Make those leaps a little bigger every time you choose a new project and this will build your confidence more in what you love to do.

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