Thursday, August 5, 2010

Life Happens

Losing my job taught me about the unexpected. We live in the unexpectedness of life. We can't look for it; we just have to continue our lives. But when it happens, and it will, we have to sometimes stop, step back, assess then go forward with a plan to fix, change regroup or accept.

I had technical difficulties. Computers are wonderful things, but expect the unexpected. Dealing with customer service and the waiting to get the solution can be a little unnerving. But in the meantime of waiting on the phone and the couple of days I had to wait for service, I worked on my projects. No time lost except for what I needed to do on the computer, including my blog posts.

I also had to take care of stuff. We all have that stuff that needs to be taken care of and it can take up our time.

This could be a long story but you have no time to read it and I have no time to type it. Moving on. I'm back.

I posted some new pictures of my finished projects on flickr. Check it out.

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