Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Finally Blocked My Shawl

This picture shows a shawl that I finished, a pattern someone gave me. Who I don't remember. This pattern is only a 4 row repeat which I love. It shows such a lovely open lace design. The name is Lacework Pattern. I used Fashion Toes by Filatura Lanarota, part of my stash from Smiley's yarn sale last year. It is sock yarn made up of 90% Superwash Merino Wool and 10% Nylon.

I love the shawl, but the only thing that I need to be conscience of is the length before blocking. I didn't quite think it through as to the measurements between making the shawl and blocking. It really blocks well. But I had changed the width and length from what the pattern called for so it is longer. I love it and that's all that counts. But if I was to pass along a tip it would be to think through your pattern. Don't be so excited that you don't think it all the way through. If you do not make a swatch and you don't take the time to block your swatch then skipping those steps can make a difference in the end result. After making your project and you need to block it, the blocking process can make a difference in how it looks and fits. For example, if you use the wet method then when the water soaks through the fibers and it relaxes those fibers this will affect your measurements. You need to think about the whole process.

As you can see, it is not a wide shawl but long and it took four of the blocking pads I used and a space to lay it out, which meant the kitchen for me. I did it. Blocking is one part of the whole process that I don't like to do. I don't know why. I think it is just the thought of laying it out, measuring and pinning and sitting on the floor. But for some reason a couple of days ago I said it's time. This shawl has been sitting here for a couple of months not completed and all that would complete it was blocking. So I didn't delay any further. I got my blocking wires out, my T pins, blocking pads, soaking pan, towels and started the blocking process to its completion.

I wish I could bottle up that spark of determination and use it when I don't feel like doing something. It would be great if it could come in a spray bottle and spray it on as needed or a pill that would just turn on your determination and excitement for the things we procrastinate on. OK, I'm waking up to reality.

You can see how it looks on my flikr page. If I can do it you can do it also. Get out that project that you need to finish and do it. It really feels good to see a finished garment completed.

Enjoy the whole process and see the difference with your end result.

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