Friday, August 12, 2011

My First Blue Ribbon

Have you ever went to a county fair? Well, I haven't been to one in a long time. I went to the Monmouth County Fair and for my return to the fair I did something that I've never done.

The fair has a lot of things that you can enjoy. Of course what would a fair be without the cotton candy, gyro's, kettle corn and other goodies that we really shouldn't be eating. But since the fair comes around only once a year some of us make exceptions to our diet rules. There are also the shows like the pig racing and wood carving competitions. Of course I gravitate to the animals especially the babies. They are so cute.

There were other competitions and I entered two. Guess what two? Knitting and crochet. I got a first place blue ribbon for my crochet shawl by Doris Chan and second place red ribbon for my knitted neck warmer by Arcadia Knitting. It was fun going to the fair and looking for my two items amongst all the entries. And I enjoyed looking at the other entries.

In past years I would try to do at least one thing that I've never done before during the year. So for this year I entered my first contest. I've never been competitive but again it is all about doing something new.

Since the year is still buzzing with other fairs I thought I would enter another fair. I might as well enter in the fair of my own county of Middlesex. So I did. This time I entered my crochet top by Belinda Carter, my headband that I made up with Aran stitches, and my sample stitch crochet scarf that I made up for my class I was teaching. Well I received a blue ribbon for the crochet top and two second place ribbons for the headband and scarf.

There are many categories that an item could be entered under. So the next time you hear of a fair in your neck of the woods, enter one of your completed projects in and see what happens. You might be surprised. And you know what? It is all just to have fun and expand your horizon.

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