Friday, January 6, 2012

It's 2012

It is another new year and it is already the sixth of the month. I feel goals are so important to set for the year. They could be daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals and/or yearly goals. But setting some realistic goals is a must.

If you don't grab the time as it is passing you by it will be 2013 and you will say I haven't been able to accomplish a thing. I've made my goals and I hope that I can get through most of them. There will always be those things that we continue to struggle with. For me it is cooking. That's the key ingredient to support my body with what it needs so that I can stay healthy and be able to continue doing my needlearts. But as I fall I get up brush myself off and try again. I know since I don't like to cook it will continue to be a struggle for me. I'd rather sit knit and crochet even though I love to eat I don't like to prepare the food. I always said if I had money that would be the first thing to welcome into my life - a chief. So I continue to fight with that in hopes that this year I can go longer with eating healthier.

I love to look at the TV shows Chopped, Cake Wars, Iron Chief and some of the other cooking competitions. It just shows that we really could never say we are bored with food, we just have to explore what is out there. On those shows they truly explore some really interesting and strange combinations of food that we would never think go together. I sit there and say that would be great to make and I would love to try that. Then reality sets in and a little voice reminds me that I don't like to cook. Those are the 'wouldn't it be nice' thoughts.

I have to say I did pretty good last year but when it came down to my schedule changing I fell down. That goes with the exercising part also. During last year (that sounds so strange since we are only in the first week of the New Year) I did really well going to the park at least three to four times a week to walk. Then I started school and that was it for the walks. So I fell with that but it is time to get back up, brush myself off, and continue working on my health regiment.

It is good to reflect on last year as to what went right and what went wrong. It is not good to dwell on it for too long because you have to go forward with this year. So what about you? What are some of your goals for this year? Do you have a game plan or do you still have to plan your game strategy? The year just started so you have time. But just remember that time is slipping by so grab hold and place your stake in making this a successful year of reaching your goals.

Be safe and continue to have fun.

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