Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Plastic Bags - Another Usage

We all can play a part in recycling. I try to recycle newspaper, papers and cardboard, bottles and plastic bags. But wait! There is something else you can do with your plastic bags. Did you know that you can be even more creative and make a bag that is both durable and rain resistant. Yes, that was my contribution to the overwhelming usage of plastic bags.

It takes a lot of bags and I lost count as I got really into cutting up the strips. I will be making one for crochet so I will count the bags for that project and report back. I made the bag all in the round by using circular needles and it was fun to make. As I have mentioned in other posts, I like breaking up a task in smaller pieces so that I don't feel so overwhelmed. You can do the same with this project. As you come home with your plastic bags from shopping cut up the bags right away and you can start interlocking them together also. Before you know it you can be knitting creatively with your plastic and helping with the recycling at the same time.

You too can create one of these fabulous bags made out of plastic. Just do a search on the web for sites that show you how to cut the bags and put the strips together to make a ball of plastic yarn. It is that easy.

For me I wanted to put my own touches to the bag so I added a flower and made some I-cord straps alternating the two colors to make stripes and used buttons to attach them to the bag. Also, I crocheted the top edge which made it easier for me to make the loops for the straps to go through.

Try it you will like it. Have fun.

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