Monday, December 31, 2012

Lilfe's Journey

You can compare life's journey to the weather. For some there is sunshine most of the time with patches of overcast. Then there is the shower that does not last too long and brings no damage but inconvenience. But then we get into the heavy thunder storms with lighting that strikes the ground that puts fear in you as they are so unpredictable as the weather itself is. And we can't forget the tornadoes, hurricanes and such much more. (friend from Germany would use 'such much' it became a habit for me so no I didn't write that wrong)

With the economic downturn it is like a lot of us were swooped up in a tornado and we were tossed around like salad in a bowl. Back and forth with unpredictable results as that lighting that strikes the ground. Now a tornado is very interesting because it could gather all that is in its path from one area and leave another area completely alone. That is what has been happening with layoffs and cutbacks in recent years. Some were affected and others were not just slightly missed. And still people are in fear that it could happen to them.

Well, that is what has happened to me. At first it was a shower because losing my job was like a blessing, I hated my job and all that came with it. But after a while of seeing how hard it was finding a job and trying to take care of bills and other essentials became hard. And I know unfortunately I have lots of company out there that truly understands. And trying to do something with my crafts to support me in this economic downturn was not working.

I had to switch my attention away from my blog and other things and onto the project of finding work. The hurricane did its damage and the weather has changed to a rain storm. But slowly picking up the pieces can be slow and taxing on the mind. It is called STRESS. Even my passion has suffered but I intend to get that drive back this year. The rain is still present but I am getting used to it enough to use that umbrella to shield me enough to keep going.

I want sunshine again. I want flowers blooming again. And I feel this is the year that will give me that.

What about you? Tomorrow is a new day and a new year. What will you do with it?

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