Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Time Well Spent

Ever since I was laid off my whole social life changed. I had to make adjustments because of the money situation. Because I've done so much it didn't bother me for a three years. But then not being able to get with my friends as I did before was an adjustment.

I had to stop any shopping so that I could survive through the month. So when my shopping friends wanted to go do their thang I always said no. The word 'No' became a staple in my life and I got use to it. Even when it came to yarn it was only a couple times a year that I would purchase for specific projects.

But I am trying to get back with a few of my friends that I haven't seen in a while. This past Friday I hung out with one of my shopping friends. Now she can stay in ACMoore or Michael's for a couple of hours in comparison to me that I am in and out. Even though I teach at Michael's I don't shop for yarn. I have enough projects in the unfinished (UFO) pile. I told my friend I know how she is and so as long as I am prepared I could stay as long as she wants in the stores. I stood there weaving in yarn ends which I hate to do all the while that she was doing her looking and we were able to catch up with lost time. And I finished this pot holder which is mitered squares and I-cord edging.

I am very bad with not doing those yarn ends as I go. I just don't know how to stop myself from knitting or crocheting and just do it. I am not liking that part of the process. I find that because I'm that way if I take it with me and I don't have any other choice to change to another project then I'm good to go to do the finishing. I felt so accomplished.

So my suggestion to you is if you have that shopper friend or family member in your life and you want to go with them but you are not a shopper or you don't take as long to shop, bring those small projects that need finishing. You can spend that time with family and friends and still feel like you are not wasting time and you will not mind waiting.

Until hopefully next week - have a fun time with your crafts.

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