Friday, April 4, 2014

My Passion Returned

You know how they say a person can play the piano by ear. Well, with knitting and crochet I like to see if I can figure something out just by looking at a picture. I guess you can call that knitting and crochet by sight. Whenever you are so mentally involved with something that is a passion you are always trying to increase your skill.

Since my accident different ones have said to me, "I know that you are going to get to a lot of knitting" or "We are going to see a lot of show and tell from you". To tell you the truth I picked up one thing when I first came home and I might have done a couple of rows every other day for a couple of weeks and then it was a complete stop. I don't know why but it was like I lost the desire. That's crazy since I teach and I would knit and crochet every day.

Now I didn't have as much time as you think. I was still working all day but from home. Then after work I was so tired that I went straight to bed and slept until either someone would call me or I would wake up around the 1:30am mark. That wasn't good.

I would talk with a couple of my students and my friends about their projects and I would look at the bags of unfinished projects that I could work on, but no I had to give it a rest I guess. Who can figure that one out. I found that I had to just go with the flow until the desire returned. As mysterious as it went it came back just as mysterious.

I was cleaning out my emails with, you know a site you get with patterns attached, and I came across a blanket that I liked. I had made a similar one before as a baby blanket but this one was going to be made out of my small balls of yarn. As you can see below I am well on my way with that one.

Then there was another blanket I had wanted to find a pattern for but couldn't. I saw a picture of a log cabin crochet blanket. Boy did that take me back to the days that I thought I wanted to quilt. I made one quilt and never did anymore. My mistake was I picked out a very intense blanket. You might have guessed it, the log cabin pattern. I just loved how it looked but I had all of thse small pieces to cut out and sew together. Thank goodness I was sewing it by machine and not by hand. But it just took me to a place that I didn't want to return. Now I just love to go to exhibits and enjoy the talents of others.

So when I saw the crochet log cabin blanket I said "I don't need a pattern for that" and I started to make it out of leftover balls of yarn. But one thing with this blanket I am going to tackle those yarn ends before they get way out of hand. Well, at least I say I am going to do that.

So I guess you could say I am back to my passion and I'm loving it again. Strange things happen.

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