Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Accident - Part X

The million dollar question was who was going to help me. As I had mentioned in a post that I was helping my aunt as she recovered from her fall so she couldn’t come where I live to help me. And my other aunts are not spring chickens so they wouldn’t be able to come. So who would do it? Don’t get the idea that it is this person’s responsibility or that friend’s responsibility or your family’s responsibility unless it is a husband, wife or children then in my opinion that is different. Because the bottom line is anyone else are volunteers to your cause if they want to help at all. If you feel certain people should step up to help you will be very disappointed. I was very pleasantly surprised and found out that the extension of friendship came out and I have help from places I didn’t expect. I have been very fortunate. Because I am independent I don’t need a lot of help all the time. But there are those things that are a must as I have mentioned.

There were those that came forward to help and I am forever grateful. For food I have had a variety for four months. Different homemade soups filled my freezer and they are great for the winter especially the kind that I have had. I’ve had baked ziti, fried chicken to mention a few foods that freeze well. Keep it simple. I also had a plastic container that had three separate sections with a secure lid that worked well to carry in my walker bag. Any food items that might leak put them in a plastic bag first before putting it in your walker bag.

When I first came home from the hospital I was not hungry or should I say I didn’t eat as I had before. But the apatite has grown to a normal rate That’s just part of the healing process because it is a process.

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