Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Accident - Part XII

There is another service that might be in your area and that is home delivery from the supermarket. One gift that I so appreciated came from a knitting group that I attend at one of the libraries, I also teach at. I was so surprised when they gave me a gift card for a supermarket. And boy was it on time. I had went a little more than a month and a half with enough food in my freezer and frig that I didn’t need any big grocery order. Well, the day came and I had the gift card for Stop & Shop Supermarket. They have an online service called PeaPod. For me the service was great. It is convenient and they also have specials for first time users like for me, I have 60 days to use the service and I won’t be charged to deliver my groceries. I heard about the service but of course we are so use to being able to do for ourselves that I never paid attention to it. Now I will use it for a bit until I can get fully back on my feet. I still need a couple of things picked up for me because they don’t have everything you want. I think they are working out of a warehouse.

There was a small group of seniors that I would visit either the craft group they had or socially to eat together. They wanted to do something for me. So they also got together and what a wonderful surprise it was when I opened their card and saw another gift card for a different supermarket. You gotta eat right.

Because you might have grocery deliveries or someone to go to the store for you having money in the house is important and make sure it is in small bills.

When someone is in need you can’t always get there but the mail can. So if you are wondering what you can do or a group of you can do finding out what supermarket is around the area that your friend or family member uses or has a service for their area it's a great gift that really comes in handy.

Another great gift is if your family can’t get there and they want to do something for you then have them pitch in to get someone in to clean your place one time. Having a clean place helps the healing process because you are not so stressed after not being able to clean your place. And you can be home to guide them – a little because you want them to do their job.

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