Thursday, May 28, 2015

Struggling Yet Feeling Good

I am struggling with two things. One is eating healthy. In order to eat healthy and be cost effective you must cook. And that is one thing that I am not a fan of. But when I am in the mood I do cook A lot and freeze some. So I've been working on eating salads every day and cooking more vegetables which I love. Not the cooking but the vegetables.

The other thing that I have been struggling with is my knitting. It's not the knitting per say, but as I've said in the past I am a process knitter so with some projects I get to a certain place with it and then I move onto a new project without completing the last one. That of course creates a lot of UFO's.

I wanted to start with some of the UFO's to complete them and of course new projects I want to make or have already started. I will be working on a project and see something else and if it is a quick project I will slip it in between. But time is surly not on my side. With working full-time at my regular job and then working at the knitting shop and other places I teach time is scarce. Crazy world we have built filled with wonderful colors of yarns and a great selection of patterns to choose from has made it even harder to stay focus on one project. I'm like a mad scientist. When I am into my knitting I don't want to be disturbed and I don't want to go anywhere. Of course, that includes work. I just want to knit.

So I want to share one UFO of a little boys pullover. It's called Infant's Aran Hoodie from an old Crochet World magazine of October 2008. Just because it is an older magazine it doesn't mean you can't find some really great projects in them because you can. You would usually hear of Aran projects in knitting but this one is crochet. It is adorable and I had to make it. Sometimes I knit and crochet for the technique, construction of it or in this case it was just too cute to pass up.

I also needed a cozy for my phone.

So I made that since it was a quicky. And with both I was able to dig into my stash of buttons and I found two I loved for these projects. I love looking at my buttons and using them. I just don't get a chance that often. Two completed projects - Yah! Of course these two projects are not all I've been working on, but I want to leave something for the next time.

Happy crafting.

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