Monday, May 31, 2010

Can We Stop Learning?

If you have had the thought that ones who have been knitting and crocheting for years don't make mistakes or that they know everything or that they don't get stuck on a pattern, I am here to change your thinking on that.

There is no perfection anywhere, even though we might feel we are close to it. We improve our skills and continue to grow. No one knows it all. You just can't do it. There is too much out there to know. I am in a constant class of learning. If I knew everything then there would be nothing else to learn. That would be too boring for me.

We all make mistakes and sometimes they are whoppers. Doing anything we love is a constant learning experience. And because there are several ways of doing the same thing (example: casting on in knitting), then we can constantly grow our skills.

When we are working on our projects there are distractions and oops did I do that, and they happen and will continue to happen from time to time. There are times you can't remember a pattern stitch. Why? Because there are so many pattern stitches to choose from. If you keep learning new ones, then you might need to refresh your memory on one you learned in the past. That is alright. And aren't we glad about that because we could never say that we are bored, unless we stop learning and doing.

The way you learn includes making mistakes. I tell my students that if you always did things right you would not be able to help someone else or just in case you messed up, after leaving your world of perfection for a second or two, you could not get yourself out of a tough spot. And you would not be expanding your mind on the what if's.

Do you get the point? We all make mistakes and we are learning together. Maybe at different levels or on different things. The point is, as I always say, have fun! And appreciate your errors because you will make them if you continue to learn.

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