Monday, May 3, 2010

More On The Festival Scene

I had to split my conversation about the festival in two parts since I couldn't upload all my pictures that I wanted to share. I was talking with someone about the festival and they asked me what did I buy. I said nothing. They couldn't believe it. Then I started thinking about my travels in the past. Travel is another passion of mine and I did my fare share. But when I traveled, my focus was not on yarn shops. I would look for museums, zoos, aquariums, but no yarn shops.

Now with the absence of good yarn shops and craft stores just makes me sick to think that I didn't take advantage of my traveling. To also think of the treasures I could have found along the way. Now that I can’t afford to travel, but I have returned to the needle arts, I am dying to get to yarn shops all over. It just makes me kinda nuts. And it is so sad to think that there were so many yarn shops years ago and now the number has dwindled down because of this economy.

You see, first my place was mostly fabric (still have my stash). Then it became a yarn shop, and now I have added beads. So it is all three and I need more room.

The Sheep and Wool Festival (cont)

There are a few other events at the festival that I really enjoy. One is the fiber arts contest that they have with the different items that are submitted. They also showcase photography. There was a variety of items made from different fibers and techniques. Some of the items were: shawls, sweaters, rugs, dress, hats, and gloves. I would love to know what the judges are looking for. You could look at something and say that it looks great, but the judge sees something else. There were tags on some with notes from the judges on their thoughts. So I read what they commented on. It's all fun and you can learn from what others are doing.

It is also interesting to go through the vendor booths and look at their samples. You can see what they have made and can get ideas of what you might want to make. A lot of the yarn is hand died with beautiful colors. That also can spark an idea of shades that go together as you look at the variegated yarns. So it's not always about buying, but about getting those creative juices going for that next or future project.

Sheep Dog Demonstration

Sheep Competition

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