Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How Are Your UFO's Coming Along?

Keeping a blog going is not always simple, in the sense that I have to think about what I want to share for that post, and then if I want to share pictures I have to take the pictures and upload the pictures, there is some computer stuff I have to do for all of it to show. But I can't forget about my projects because then I would be behind with working on my UFO's and well - others. And that's where we come to today with this post.

As from the title of my blog post, I am putting the question out to you. Oh, I know, you might be wondering how my UFO's have been coming. I did say that I would be working on them for the month of June. Well, I got a little side track. See picture of wanna-be projects below.

This knitted fan shawl I simply love and just couldn't resist;

and then it was this knitted pinwheel rug that called out to me;

but then this knitted handkerchief lace shawl said, "don't forget me";

and these knitted fingerless gloves I just had to get back to and this just seemed to be the right time;

and what about this adorable crochet pig puppet which is a quickie - really.

Now that was exhausting just to write down. A couple is done, like the lace shawl which I need to block, the puppet that I need to attach the ears and put the felted eyes and nose on. The other three are well on their way to becoming finished. But really, how could I deny them the privilege of stepping out of the wanna-be pile and into the reality finished projects. Ok, ok I know I went alittle overboard.

I was going to the knit groups and I just couldn't concentrate on the projects I had so I started a simple dish cloth with a flamingo pattern in cotton peach color. And I just might be forgetting about a couple more, but who's keeping track.

If you haven't figured out by now, I have a problem saying no to new projects. And for some reason when I looked around the yarn came out of my stash and the needles started going. But I did work on my UFO's and I am finished with the pieces of two projects and need to block them and sew them together. I also finished one of the beaded purses which is posted on flickr. So I didn't do that bad - well the way I look at it. Of course, that's a little crazy but who's minding my store but me. And as I always say, have fun and de-stress.

So I put it out your way again, "How are you doing with your UFO's?" And by no means am I encouraging my craziness of a world. It might be crazy, but guess what - you know, I'm having fun!

Quote: "Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort." Franklin Roosevelt

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