Saturday, July 3, 2010

What's In For The Upcoming Season?

You might be like me when I say that I'm always trying to slow time down to get more time. The days, months, and years go so fast. How about the seasons? When you talk about time and the fashion world that could mean the difference between making money and being successful or no money and a flop. What do I mean? In the fashion world they are always ahead. While we are trying to get through 2010 summer, designers are finished with fall 2010 and already into 2011 designs. Scary isn't it. Getting ready for the next season or looking ahead a few seasons is their business. This becomes so crucial to their business and major to the fashion trends for that season.

I remember when I use to sew a lot. I would always sew for the winter in the summer and the summer for the winter. This would give me a good head start with at least some of the clothes for that season to be ready to wear. I would see what was in fashion through the fashion shows on TV like, Full Frontal Fashion. This is one of the main sources of entry into the world of fashion. I got to understand the fashion world in a better light since I use to say, Who would wear that outfit? Now I say, What can I take from that outfit that could be used in everyday clothing? From this fashion show you get the just of what the length, style and especially the colors for the season will be. Yes, colors play a major role in the fashions for a particular season and year.

Because of cutting back on luxuries of life, since I am in the non-working mode right now, I've cut my cable down to basic so I don't have the channel for that fashion show. But the next best thing is the internet and I go to New York Fashion and I can look at the videos of the different designers. Check it out, I think you will enjoy it too.

We can be right in sink with the department stores and runways as we include a couple of these colors in our wardrobe as we think about our next projects. Now remember we don't have to think sweaters, tops or any other large item, we could add an accent piece or accessory piece to blend into our already dress palette of colors and we would be on point. It could be that hat and scarf or fingerless gloves, a bag, or small kerchief lace shawl. So don't always think big.

There is a site I've been using to keep up with the colors for each season. It is Pantone fashion color report. And I read that bulky scarves will be in from the article Emerging Fashion Trends For Fall 2010. So get some bulky yarn or play with 2 or 3 strands of yarn, knit or crochet together, using large needles or hook and see what you get. I'm sure it will look fabulous as you strut down your imaginary runway at your job, school, and even the park. You might be asked: Where'd you get that! And you'll be proud to say - I made it.

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