Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Computer - Part V

Now you would think we should have enough patterns with the books, booklets, pamphlets, and copies. No, we have to also save on the computer more patterns and information. The computer makes me feel crazy sometimes because it is too much information and I want to read it all. I know I can't and that is frustrating. But I do have my favorite websites and I have a bunch of patterns that I have saved. How do I keep order?

I set up files that are categorized for my needs. Since I teach I need order so that things can go smooth. I am always grabbing for this and looking for that so I need things in an easy place to find it all. The folders are broken down in categories. A couple of my breakdowns are: knitting and crochet certification, class sessions, important charts and patterns. I have more but I wanted you to get the idea of what I name mine so that you can start thinking about what categories you need. You want to use names that are specific to the content of the files because it will click with you better when you are trying to find something specific.

First thing is first. Let's look at the plan. As it has been, the plan is to organize. The first thing is assess what you have.

  • What kind of information are you saving to use for your needlearts?

  • Is it mostly patterns? An easy fix.

  • Have you made charts up but they do not have their own folder for an easy find?

  • Do you teach others and you like to save information for your students?

Once you've looked at what files you have saved then it is time to make up the folders you need to start moving them into a better system of saving them. Remember, this is a test. You move them in one place and you might find that they go better in another place. Nothing is a permanent spot. I've changed things on my computer several times until something worked for me. So depending upon what files you have saved will depend upon how you will build your file system.

I don't want to loose anything just in case the computer crashes so I back my files up on a USB Flash Drive. That's also easy to carry with me if need be. All of my pictures of my finished projects are backed up on a CD. As you can see I like to double secure everything just in case. If my computer breaks down and I need to print something for a class, then I have my backup and I can take it with me and print it where I am going. I hate added stress that can be avoided.

Now you might just have patterns saved. If so, then that will be easy just to make a folder on your computer then drop all of the files for patterns in that spot. I have a pattern folder and I've broken the folder into other files such as: my favorite patterns, baby patterns, my designs, and I made these.

Have fun reviewing what you have saved and again finding those that you forgot you had and maybe finding your next project. But most of all see the transformation of changing how you save on your computer so that your information can be right at your finger tips because it is organized. And if you need help in setting up your file system I'm sure you have a friend or you are fortunate to have a whiz kid or grandchild that would love to help you out. Most kids seem to learn before they can walk.

The next post will deal with saving information as a favorite on the Internet.

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