Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Organizing To Do - Part II

(I will write this post on organizing supplies in two parts)

The word is out that you have a lot of supplies. Don't us all if we have been involved with our hobby for a while. And it is so much fun to get the latest gadget even though it sits for a while waiting for us to get back to it. Then one day we realize that our supplies have overflowed. Time to organize!

Before we organize our supplies, patterns, or yarn we need to see what we are going to use to organize them in. We don't want to take everything a part just to have to look at it and feel overwhelmed with the mess we made. No, this is another sit down session, think through and come up with a plan. I don't know about you but I am not Miss Rockefeller, I'm Miss Craft Diva and her cash is limited at this moment in time.

Let's recycle. Before we go out and buy, we should always try to recycle or reuse items in our home for other reasons than maybe they were intended, like to organize our hobbies. There are always items in our home that we look at and say why I am keeping this or that. I've had items like that and it hits me one day that I could use it for my hobbies. It makes you feel so good to be able to recycle from your own home. Now don't take all of the items below out if you have them. Try only a couple to start with and see what works for you. When you look around your house be creative as to what can be converted over as your storage holders. If you have some other creative ideas then you can share them in a comment on my blog.

Another source for recyclable items could be a friend or family member that just might have what you need and just happen to want to get rid of the item. You could do them a favor by taking it off their hands and putting it to good use. Then you both can benefit.

Some ideas are:

  • plant pots
  • notebooks and tabs (you will need for your patterns)
  • make up holders
  • camera bags
  • lunch bags
  • baskets
  • short vases
  • plastic containers (old Tupperware pieces)
  • plastic zippered case that a spread set would come in (great for storing yarn stash)
  • shoe holder
  • canvas bags
  • plastic shoe boxes
  • fancy gift bags
  • change purse

You get the point. Just explore your home, like going on a treasure hunt and see what you can find.

These items can be used to hold our knitting needles, crochet hooks, booklets, supplies, yarn, and projects (either UFO's or WIP's). Now I'm not condoning shopping. It's just that I have to watch my pennies given my situation. So everyone has to look at their own situation to see if they can afford to go out and buy.

You should not feel like you are the only one with this hoarder problem of patterns, yarn and supplies because you have lots of company. We should not feel that we should do this alone either. You get together for knitting and crochet with friends, have an organizing party. Now I'm not talking about lugging all of your heavy books, but a few bags of yarn or patterns to organize is so much easier to do with a friend or friends. Great time to swap.

I get together with one of my best friends to do our crafts. But it isn't all about crafts. I bring papers to go over, mail, and anything else that I need to go through that I put off when I am home. If you have read my posts, you know that I like to see a connection to other things that I talk about. Getting organized with our hobbies, we connect more with our hobbies when things are more in order and you can find what you need without being frustrated.

This can be overwhelming depending upon how much organizing you need to do. So sit down, breath, and think before you act. It will all feel refreshing once you are organized.

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