Thursday, February 24, 2011

Revisiting My UFO's

As we are in the New Year I can't help but think about what I still have on my needles from last year - meaning UFO's (unfinished objects). How did you do with your UFO's?

I had to revisit my UFO list to see how I did and what still needs to be completed. You might have figured out by now that I am a starter of new projects. I just love all the variety out there to make. Then I get wrapped up in making samples for classes and so on and so on. Sometimes things get left behind for future finishing. But revisiting last year showed me that I didn't do half bad. Sure I still have some UFO's lurking around screaming at me saying finish me please. Looking at the big picture it is not that bad.

So what did I finish? I posted on several dates regarding my UFO's so let me see what I talk about and was it all talk or was there a finish line to those projects. Maybe you remember my post from June 1, 17, July 6, and October 8. On June 1st and June 17th I talk about the same two sweaters. They will not be completed. The Noro speckled yarn sweater needs to be sewn. The problem is I don't like it. The Noro yarn did not knit up as I thought. You know when you see a yarn and it looks good until you use it and you find that it doesn't come out as you envisioned. The chance of that one being finished is slim to none. I also had a cable sweater that I didn't have enough yarn to finish it so I took that apart. From time to time that can happen.

From the July 6 post I had five projects that I worked on. The knitted pinwheel rug needs to be sewn together. The knitted handkerchief lace shawl is complete. The knitted fingerless gloves are still unfinished. The Crochet pig puppet is complete. Three out of five is great. Or should I say two and a half since the pinwheel rug is not completely finished until I sew it together. Now these are projects that I posted about. If you look at my flickr you see that there are a lot of projects I did finish, but I just didn't include them in my post. I tell people all the time that I am not on a clock for time. I just love having fun.

That's why I didn't go to the yearly sale that Knit-a-Bit in Westfield, NJ has every year. I hadn't gone before so I was thinking about going, but my conscience reminded me that I have enough to work on and enough yarn for now. I'm on a yarn diet. But as one of my students said that I am on a fiber diet, which fits the situation. I like that one. So I passed up going to the sale for this year. It was easier to do than I thought. But you know what? It is something to look forward to for next year. Also, since I wrote that series on organizing your craft on my blog from October 28th thru November 24th of 2010, I surely don't want to be the one that is out of control.

So what about you? Have you put yourself on a fiber diet or are you running to the sales but with self control or are you just saying I'm livin large and what of it? Now that last one could get you in a world of trouble. Let's see what we do this year about our UFO's and our yarn stash.

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