Friday, March 4, 2011

Never Ending Battle - But It Is Worth The Fight

At this time of year on the East Coast people are thinking of spring. And what comes with spring? It is trying to look better. I didn't say feeling better but looking better. As for me, I want to continue to strive to maintain a healthy regiment in my life. Trying to keep a balance with all of the things you might have on the plate can be a challenge especially if you have children.

As for me, I thought if I wrote it out I would feel more obligated to do it and get some others on board. Sometimes we need that extra push, encouragement or company to do what we need to do. I need company and you know that you have been saying the same thing for a while now that you want to do better. It shouldn't be just because the spring is around the corner but because we want to feel better all the time.

We all need to exercise, according to our health situation. People have always said that you are more likely to be sicker when you are older. We always want to put everything on the elderly but I know some elderly that are doing better than me. So what does that tell you? I know for myself that I am always revisiting what I am doing. I fall down and I get back up. I've expressed that I do not like to cook but I love to eat. For some, weight gain is such an issue and a struggle all the time. Mine is cooking so that I can eat healthy and that is such an issue and a struggle that I will always have.

During the winter the weather was brutal and we got a lot of snow and ice every week. People have been expressing that they are sick of this weather and they have no motivation to do anything. The weather can play a part in our motivation. I know it affected me this year. But all in all I did pretty well this winter. I was not going to be outside walking. I don't do snow, ice or cold. So what was the alternative? I did an exercise program indoors. I jumped on my trampoline and did stretches. Most of the time I did this every day, but I don't want to be a fanatic with exercising so there were days that I just had to work on a project instead of exercising. I had started to juice vegetables but I slacked on that. Now I am back and even though I really hate food shopping I went out and got vegetables and fruit. I even made lentil soup and had enough to freeze some - oh my.

My goal is not just for the warmer weather but for life itself to continue to work on being as healthy as I can. I know I will continue to struggle with cooking, but the struggle will be worth it. This is a health promise to myself and to be kind to myself and know that it is not going to be perfect every day. How about you? Are you with me?

Let's stop promising ourselves for a better tomorrow. It starts today. Yes, you will have those days that you say, 'not today'. So put the needles and hooks down and join me as I continue with where I left off and make an earnest effort with me to stick to a health plan. Remember, this is building a healthy regiment for living well and loving your life. And guess what? You can look better at the same time.

You have to have a mixture. Be focused, determined, with a little strict regiment but make it fun. It's the now factor not putting off for one more day. It's taking the challenge and plunging in. It's not about trying to do too many changes at once that you drown but start doing enough to stay afloat and then start swimming better and better on your own.

I have to go out and get ingredients for these whole wheat muffins with raisins that I like to make. Wow, I'm actually talking about baking. It's one thing but it's a start. If you are not where you want to be with your health regiment then today is a good day to start. If you are doing well with your health regiment, then I'm going to join with you.

Have fun and give yourself the gift of living better. I had to add both of these quotes because they are both so appropriate.

"In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired."

Author Unknown

"Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon."

Doug Larson

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