Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Little Extra To Make Your Project Pop

I had crocheted this little sun dress from the book Simple Crochet for Cherished Babies by: Jane Davis. I'm using this as an example of what a difference between not finishing the edges off (in this case with single crochet) and finishing the edges off. Looking at the picture you can see the difference in the look of the dress without the single crochet around the neckline and the armhole edge. It looks plain and unfinished. Then when you see the dress with finished edges it makes a world of difference just using one simple stitch.

I bring this up because this is another area that can be addressed as we do our projects. Even if the project does not call for an edge stitch, will the project look more finished if an edge stitch is added. Remember, you are in a creative arena and you might start out with a pattern that looks a certain way but does not mean the project has to end looking exactly like the pattern. This is called putting your own creative spin on it. Whether it be changing the color or adding an edge, it becomes more your project to get that right end result that you are looking for.

Maybe you need that extra pop. Guess what? With crochet it is so easy to undo and you can be learning at the same time. So experiment with an edge stitch or change the color to one that you always get complements on when you wear it. By making these suttle changes you can begin to expand into the creative world and enjoy your needle arts even more.

"The wisest mind has something yet to learn"

George Santayana - US philosopher

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