Thursday, May 26, 2011

This Week on 'My Talent Corner'

In this weeks Talent Corner is another student in one of my classes. To me she is an inspiration to others in the needlearts. She is returning to the world of crochet. But what is exciting is that once she got the basics down again she grabbed hold of her hook and took off running after different techniques right away.

From the picture you can see what Denise has been up to lately. She tackled the Solomon's Knot (Love Knot) and made a beautiful very delicate scarf. She had a nerve to bring in this dilabadated towel with a crochet topper and said she wanted to make one. Well, I never had a desire to make a towel topper before so she helped me to delve into something new. After helping her to make one (I made a sample of the process) I liked it. So thank you Denise. Then in class we made a market bag as they learned the granny square. And if that wasn't enough, she delved into the world of beading as she made a couple of braclets crocheted with wire and beads. Well, just surpass the teacher why don't you. She keeps me motivated to do more. Maybe I should just say motivated and keep out the more. I can't do any more. Great job Denise.

My interview with Denise:

Miss Craft Diva: When did you first learn how to crochet?

Denise: When I was about 10 yrs old.

Miss Craft Diva: How did you learn? From a family member, friend, organization?

Denise: I asked my mother to teach me how to knit and crochet, but she's right handed and I'm left handed, so I really taught myself from a book or pamphlet.

Miss Craft Diva: What made you take the class to start again?

Denise: I didn't really take to crocheting and there were a lot of 'old' looking patterns back then. I didn't remember anything that I learned, so I figured I would give it another shot.

Miss Craft Diva: Why do you enjoy crocheting so much?

Denise: It's easy to do and easy to fix mistakes. Projects can be done quickly for a sense of accomplishment.

Miss Craft Diva: What are some future projects you would like to make?

Denise: A modern granny square short vest where the pattern is charted.

Miss Craft Diva: What benefits do you get from crocheting?

Denise: Sense of accomplishment.

It is truly inspiring to see how different ones embrass the needlearts. Thank you Denise for sharing with us your passion with crochet.

May this inspire you to want to learn and grow more in the world of creativity. There will be future projects that I will feature from Denise. As of now, she is busy with her first love - gardening.

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