Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's All About The Color

Picking out the right color is so important. Take for example my Entrelac scarf. I tried two different times using different color choices before I went out and purchased yarn for this. I was trying to use the yarn I already had but it just did not appeal to me. Working with the right color is the key. When you can choose the color that is appealing to you it gets you excited about the end result of your project. You can't wait to wear it or display it. Now that I found the colors I like I enjoy looking at it and working on it. I will share my end result when I complete my scarf.

But if it is for a gift we want to remember that the colors should not be from our color palette. Picking out the right color for that person is so important. When taking out the time to give a gift of something hand made and we put the time into making it, then we want the receiver to use what we have made. If it is not an appealing color or style for that person then it can become a waste of our time and effort. So it is important to find out what might be a favorite color or if it is something they will be wearing what is their style of choice.

Giving is a great feeling, but we would not want it to become an object that just sits in a closet unused. Let's make it worth it by making it more personable and your gift will be more appreciated.

By the way, Entrelac is a fun technique to learn and you can do a lot with mixing colors. Try it and see what color choices you come up with. Have fun.

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