Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Love The Theatre

I was at one of my knitting groups that I attend and a couple of the ladies started talking about Broadway plays. In my mind I started reminiscing about my years of going to the theatre either for a play or some other performance. As you might know by now, one of my favorite words is variety and that is what I seek out when I would go to different shows. Since the economical situation hit me I haven't been to a show in over two years. I tell people that I am on a sabbatical with travel and shows. But these are things that I enjoy besides my needlearts and I will return to them as my situation levels.

The theatre is such an exciting place to be. My aunt exposed me to the theatre as I was growing up. I love the theatre and I have seen many different performances locally as well as when I traveled. The top of the list is seeing a great performance on Broadway in NY City. But where did these actors and actresses start out? Small local theatres. I'm sure you might even remember seeing someone acting at a local theatre and then you find out that WOW they made it to Broadway in a show. Local theatres can put on some wonderful productions of some of your favorite plays and shows. And the local theatres have other shows that are not found on Broadway. Below is a picture of just a portion of shows I've seen.

My favorite place in NY is TKTS. To read about the TKTS organization click on link TKTS Discount Booth. If you have ever been walking around Time Square at Broadway and 47th Street and saw this long line of people that would be the half price ticket line. There are a couple of other locations and the link above can help you with finding out where they are.

Today we are trying to pinch those pennies, dimes and quarters - OK money itself as a whole. But I can't remember the last time I paid full price for a Broadway play. If it wasn't the half price ticket line it was standing room. Yes, some theaters have a section in the back where that you can stand through the performance and see it dirt cheap. Then when I was a student I would get student discounts and they were phenomenal prices. Some local theatres have discounts or days you pay more and other days you will pay less. And then there are the specials that have popped up more these days with the economy the way it is.

But going back to the half price ticket line, I've met so many people during the years of standing on that line from all over visiting New York City. We were all waiting until they put up the list for that day of plays you can get a discount on. Not all performances are 50% off but there is a discount. For me it had to be 50% off and that was easy since I would pick out at least three plays to make sure one of those choices would be on the board.

Why do I like the theatre so much? It's another world of creativity. The actors and actresses must recreate themselves while on stage. The character that they are portraying might call for a serious person and that might not be how they are out of character. They might have to laugh when they have a reason to cry. And I appreciate the array of talents especially of singing and dancing, creativity of the stage sets and the costumes which all bring the theatre and shows alive. Again, it is all about enjoying what you love and love what you enjoy. And if you could get paid for it how sweet is that.

So if you haven't seen a play or a show of some sort, I would recommend a trip to New York City to the half-price ticket line or visiting on-line your local theatre's website and look at the list of performances that are being presented. You will be surprised how hooked you could get as you see the different forms of talent through the theatre. Just save a seat for me because I will be returning.


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