Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Third Annual Vogue Knitting Live Event

I talked to two of my students who went to the Vogue Knitting Live event this past weekend. It was one of their first large events in the needle arts world. Maybe you had a chance to go. If so I hope you had a great time.

They enjoyed the event. They had one complaint which was the crowds. I started thinking of what to write about and I thought this would be a good post to consider. Vogue and their event planners does a fantastic job in putting the event together.

When we go to any function or event we are focused on what is in front of us and not what is behind the scenes - naturally. If we did look at behind the scenes we would know that putting such an event together is no small task.

The event planners they use come from a company in New York, SoHo Publishing. The ones that I have dealt with are so nice and they do a fantastic job. I got to volunteer at both the first and second event so I saw them in action. And I also saw the behind the scenes first hand.

One of the hardest issues I think with any event and especially if it is the first time is trying to estimate the number of people that will attend. Then the next issue is where will the event be held.

Now New York City is not the easiest place to find somewhere to accommodate over 3,000 people. Then you have to think of the spacing and how many vendors and their setup in the space. Then it is all the stuff in between like the mass production of programs, tickets, packages for classes, emails, teachers and classroom set ups, demo and fashion show organizing, and don't forget the volunteers needed both scheduling and determining where and when they will be needed.

The whole event needs to be set up and after the event it needs to be broken down. There are questions to be answered from the vendors, there are so many supplies needed. Also they have to think of people with disabilities and others that need special assistance. And this is just part of the whole to-do list.

So the next time you go to an event and something doesn't go the way it should or there is an inconvenience, remember that they did a lot of things right to help the event to go as smooth as possible but perfection just does not exist.

Hurray to Vogue and SoHo Publishing for another successful event. I know with each coming year it will get better and better. I wish I could have been there.

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