Friday, November 22, 2013

Cable Scarf Complete

You look at your left-over yarns and you just don't know what to do with them. This was a great project to use my half skeins of yarn. Combining colors and solids with varigated yarns worked out - I love it.

The pattern came from the Knit Simple Holiday 2012 magazine but the scarf was made with a solid color. When I looked at it almost immediately I thought of left-over yarn. Now reading my other posts you know I love mixing colors, using left-over and scrap yarn - waste not. This project is not good for scrap yarns because you are working with 518 stitches so running out of the yarn in the middle of the row would have caused a sweat. Not saying you couldn't work half a row and start another color because you can, but that was not what I wanted to do.

So a project like this takes a little thinking out what you want to do and looking at how much yarn you have before you start knitting. I used what I knew would make it across several rows and it worked. I only have a little ball of yarn left of two of the colors which will go into this granny square blanket I have been working on.The other two colors - well they will sit and wait for that next project that gives me the go-ahead to use them in.

On to the next project. Because there is always something on my needles.

Have fun with colors. Explore, you will be glad you did.

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