Saturday, December 14, 2013

Purging Pattern Time

Some people thrive on puzzles, quizes, challenges and that's great. It keeps the mind sharp. But for now life is enough of a quize for me to figure out. I don't need my knitting or crochet to be in that category. Also it's what each person chooses as their mental freedom.

What am I talking about? Understanding patterns. Pattern reading is a challenge sometimes with words. I just don't have the time I need to be able to work through a difficult to read pattern. I need simplicity. I want to pick up a pattern and just go for it without the challenge of 'what do they mean' or 'I'm suppose to do what'.

Time is of the essance. We just don't have enough of it to do all that we want to do and so simplyfying needs to be done with patterns. My new rule is if my brain doesn't understand the pattern it doesn't come in my pile to make. I am not out there to prove anything. My craft are for my de-stressing and enjoyment not stressing. And if a pattern is not connecting with me why am I doing it.

We all process information differently and some can process the most complex and others need help. People that can don't always understand or have patience with those that can't but my take on it is if it is more simplified then more will make it and it won't end up in the pile of I will finish it one day.

So I will be purging patterns. And I will pass them along because again there are ones that like the challenge of figuring it all out. Just because I don't want to figure it out doesn't mean someone else feels the same.

There have been projects I've had to let sit until I can take out the time to figure out the pattern. Students look at me funny when I say I make mistakes. Don't confused being an expert with being perfect. Thomas Edison was a master at his field but he had to make a lot of mistakes for his end result to be a success. He didn't mind figuring out all the details. He is one that didn't thrive on simplicity.

I've gotten comments from my students when I say I can't figure out a pattern. I tell them that we all process information differently. And even though I am an expert in my arena doesn't mean that I will understand everything. The way words are put together we all are not going to read them the same way. So we interprete them and sometimes it is the wrong way and of course that shows in our project. So my goal for next year is if I can read through it and understand it right away come to mama so she can enjoy making you. If not pass it on. Whatever way I can find to de-stress I'm there.

To become a master for each level meaning beginners, intermediate and advance you must embrace mistakes, learn from them and grow. A carpenter cuts up a good amount of wood the wrong way to become that master carpenter. A seamstress makes a good amount of cutting and sewing errors before knowing just how things work. So for those that like the challenges I commend you as long as you are having fun.

Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend.

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