Thursday, January 2, 2014

Scrap Yarns

What would the conversation be if your scrap yarns could talk?

Scrap yarns: When will my turn be when I could show off what I can do for a project?

Full skein of yarn says: You are just scrap yarns. You are not enough to make a whole project by yourself.

Scrap yarns: I can be as beautiful as you are. It just will take team work to get the job done. But just think if we are used then the world of garbage is a little less cluttered. Also the array of colors is endless. We all come together as one. Look at the unity. And for some colors that don't think they can get along they find out that they become best of friends.

You know the creativity that comes out of using us is great and wonderful. And as you work with different stitches it can bring out the colors even more. You can go from dark to light or light to dark. You can mix all together or work within a certain color palette or color family to blend shades of color.

Narrator: As they are talking a hand comes towards them picking one of them up and putting them back down. It's hard to choose when you have so many choices.

Scrap yarns: Oh choose me, no choose me. Well, I'm not ready to go yet so I'd just rather stay behind.

Narrator: If you don't have the right shade then ask a few yarn friends for their left over balls. I'm sure they would love to share with you. This is great, for example a granny square blanket or other blankets that use color.

Scrap yarn:My owner is making a crochet granny square blanket with bobbles that she found the pattern on line.

She always has several projects going on at the same time. But because her budget is tight then our turn to be used comes up quick.
She loves color and loves to try many different variations. Take for example the Drop In The Pond blanket, another pattern she found and blended several different families of colors.
She uses the pattern for a guide but rarely uses the same colors as the pattern.

Narrator: Sometimes there is jealousy as to who should be used. Who is prettier and who would go better with the colors already chosen. But for the most part they all get along but just don't want to be ignored, discarded or underrated as to their value.

The scrap yarns were finally happy that they were chosen, remembered and used so they illuminated their colors even brighter to show their appreciation.

So what will you do or what are you doing with your scrap yarns? It is a terrific way to show your creativity.

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