Friday, July 3, 2015

My Vacation South

It has been almost two weeks since my trip to South Carolina. My aunt, cousin and I drove down to visit my youngest aunt who moved down there a year ago. My family is from South Carolina so there are other cousins to visit also.

It was, I would say, a biter/sweet trip. When we arrived that Wednesday we were hit with the news that a man went into a church and ended up killing 9 people. We were on vacation but it would not stop our hearts from feeling heavy sadness as we heard the details. It had confirmed the two hour conversations that I have had with friends and others that prejudice is still alive but just not so visible. And from time to time it really brings up its ugly head to remind us. So the whole time that we were there we went pass the church every other day because we went downtown to the market and a couple of restaurants. S we saw the media and an overwhelming array of flowers and notes to share their grief and sympathy to family, friends and the whole city as they grieved their loss. It is just another piece that shows how broke up this world is.

All in all we had a good time since we were with family. We took turns driving but my cousin did most of it. So you know what I was doing when I wasn't driving - knitting and crocheting. I actually was working on a couple of UFO's from the past and you can see those through my flikr on the left. My cousin warned me about how much I was bringing because she knows me. When I have that much time I bring papers I could go through and my projects. In fact, I would rather bring more of my papers and projects then clothes and other items. I just feel good when I could look back on my day and say that I took advantage of time. I relaxed a little but we were on the go too much to relax. But I tell you one thing, when we went to those popular places to eat there was always a wait time and a couple had a line out the door. The food was worth the wait. I love going to a place to eat and see a lot of people because that usually means the food is fresh and moving but also that the food is good. But who wants to just wait. I was busy with a project or something else to do. I could have sat in a corner somewhere and just work on my projects and I would have been good. I would have done that outside if the weather wasn't a high 98 to over 100 degrees.

Besides the few I posted on my flickr I finished this shawl which I really love because it is using short rows in a different way to make the shaping. You have middle stitches and on each end of the stitches you are decreasing taking one stitch from the middle stitches and one stitch from the stitches left on either end as you get to that side. They are worked in making that great round shape. This shawl will block out beautifully and then you can see the end result through my flickr. Of course I have those yarn ends to take care of. It is so soft. I used the Sirdar Snuggly - Babybamboo yarn, 80% Bamboo and 20% Wool.

I did get to a yarn shop. It was The Village Knittery, 102 Central Ave., Summerville, SC. It was a lovely shop and the women that works there was so nice. I talked with her for a while and then I made a contribution by buying some yarn for a project. How could I resist - LOL. So if you are around that area that is a shop you can visit because it is the closest one around.

I always enjoy the beauty of the clouds and water so as we passed I had to take a few pictures. It is one thing that looks peaceful and calm.

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