Monday, July 20, 2015

The Pleasure Was Mine

It was my pleasure and honor to work with this woman that has come into the knit shop from time to time recently. I've seen her but had not helped her before. Well, I did this weekend. What makes her special? She is 100 years old. You don't get to meet someone of that age every day. She has been trying to knit again after 40 years but she wants it to be perfect. She has trouble with her sight and hearing but who wouldn't at 100. But she can still work those fingers enough to work those needles.

She is making a scarf for her son. He brings her to the shop which is so cute. He wants her to enjoy her knitting and I think it is so nice to see that he takes the time out with his mom since it is not always the son that does that. He sits patiently with his kindle every time as we help her. She was doing the seed stitch but that back and forth between knits and purls was really too much. She kept ripping the scarf and starting all over. So after talking with her son I suggested that she use the seed stitch part (she had six rows)for the bottom border and knit (garter) until she had the length then finish with a top border of seed. She agreed and was happy to knit away.

We take so many things for granted in life. The simple fact of being able to knit or crochet becomes huge as I watched this woman with the desire to do more but was limited because of age related issues like clearer eye sight and a stronger ability to remember. It made me again appreciate more what I can do and how much I can do.

She had said that I was very encouraging. No she is the one that is encouraging. Because despite her age and limitations she refuses to give up. I hope I get to see her and work with he again. But for now the vision of this day will stick with me every time I pick up my needles and my eyes can see the stitches and my mind can let me learn more and my hands can function. She really made my day.

Just the ability of being able to do what I do is huge. Thank you for my lesson in appreciation. So if you are not that old and your hands can work some learn from this woman and use her as your encouragement if you find that you are getting in your own way.

So what have I been working on? Oh several projects.

I love fingerless mitts. In the office that I work at it is cold. In the winter I feel colder. I'm always wrapped up in one of my shawl wraps but also my fingerless mitts come in handy because I am typing all day and my hands get cold. I know these crochet fingerless mitts are designed with an open work but I thought they were cute so I made them anyway. They took no time at all since it is done using the V-stitch pattern.

My second project is a knit shawlette. It is done with garter stitch increasing as you go then an open work bottom border gives it that extra pizzazz. The yarn I am using is the Painted Desert and it is 100% Superwash Wool. I love how in this project the colors stripe so well. Not that I was looking for stripes. Unless you look up projects online that use this yarn you don't have an idea as to what it will do but I really like it. And it is soft.

I love shawls but don't have the time or sometimes the patience to work on a more intricate shawl. I don't always want to work with the charts even though I love all those shawl patterns that are out. I did start a couple of shawls a while back and they are still in the UFO pile in wait. The little wraps will have to do for now.

My third project that I am showing is a little crochet case let's say. I saw this pattern and loved it but I said, What do I need a case for?, I know, when I go to the bathroom at work instead of carrying my bag I could carry a small case for the things I need. And with this pattern I can use scrap yarns. I love to be able to find little projects that I can use my leftover yarns for and this was it.

I do have a few more projects but I will leave that for another day. All of these projects will be on my flickr once they are done. Enjoy what you do to the fullest.

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