Sunday, October 18, 2015

Rhinebeck - Such Fun and Excitement!

When you haven't been to a place in several years and you go with a person that has never been, the level of newness and excitement rises. That is what I felt going to Rhinebeck yesterday for the fiber festival. It was, as usual with a lot of fiber seekers and as I enjoyed every time in the past was the ongoing fashion show that can't be ignored.

I went with a former student and she was so excited. She got sick the week before and was still on the last bit of it during the week of the festival but she was determined to get well before we went on Saturday. Sheer determination I would call that. And we had fun. She was overwhelmed by the number of vendors to choose from, different yarn fibers and the colors galore. Then you have the extras which were wines, cheeses and other goodies to try and buy.

It was a beautiful ride there with the leaves turning. It was a fall day with a little breeze but the sun was out. Then later in the day the temperature changed to cold. But what a wonderful time for the festival because of the weather there were so many that wore their hats, scarves, cowls, sweaters and shawls and enjoyed showing off their work and admiring each other.

Going to the fiber festivals really get you excited to knit and crochet even more. So of course I did not plan on buying several yarns but did (see last picture below). I'm sure you know how that is and if you were there I don't have to say anything else.

The pictures below shows a portion of what was happening there but not limited to because there was even more. Leaving was a bit of a challenge and wait which was not fun but it was all worth it. I hope if you could't go this year that it is on your list for next year. Save those pennies and join the rest of us as we add to our already collection of fibers and projects so we can have more fun.

Greatadirondack Yarn Co (all the colors), Yarns Plus - Rayon Multi-color, Ginger Hill Farm - grey, Holiday Yarns - hand dyed (hot pink, cream and grey strands of color), wooden shawl pins

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