Saturday, October 24, 2015

Vacation Time!

I'm a little frazzled because I am trying to get ready to go to Florida. I haven't been there in so many years that I would have to look back at pictures to see what year I was there last. I am excited to visit a friend of mine. She moved down there after retiring and has been there for several years. All I can say is time flies because it doesn't seem that long since her move.

Florida is such a huge state and so much to do. My girlfriend is so organized with this trip. She even made me a chart of the things I want to do because I won't be there but for four days, I'm not totally including when I arrive and when I leave so there is some true packing in to fit the things that I want to do. But she laid it down so nicely that I can figure out what I want to do and what I will need to leave for next time. I just really want to see her, hubby and daughter and her hubby.

So travel is not the way it use to be. You have to worry about so much more than when I went last. I do remember the last trip taking off my shoes but other than that I know it is different with the luggage but I can bring my knitting needles so I am happy.

I am packed but have to make sure the weight is good and bag size works. Then there is always little loose ends to be done. Can you guess what is the most important things I packed? I know you can guess that - it is my knitting and crochet projects. So I am taking with me four projects. Yes I need variety. You never know how long you will need to wait in the airport going and returning. And there are lines to wait on and riding different places. Hurray! I don't have to do the driving so more working on project time. I have mittens call "Cable Cuff Mittens";crochet accent scarf - "Fisherman's Fan"; crochet gloves - "Quick Ribbed Gloves"; fingerless mitts - " Right Round Mitts"

But I did sneak in a couple of crochet pineapple shawls. This is from Cascade Yarns called Alpine Shawl. One is for me and one for my friend that I am visiting. I made her shawl shorter since she is not as tall as me and I didn't want it too long. I can't wait to show her. The weight called for is sport so for the one for me I used Debbie Bliss Rialto and on hers I used Cascade Longwood - see the pictures. They both need to be blocked and the stitches will come a live. On mine I added the fringe that they added to the design. I love it. It is different but it gives it a little extra.

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