Friday, November 27, 2015

The Logic of Knitting and Crocheting

I have a motto - "Don't Just Knit/crochet". Yes, we would all like to just knit/crochet and not have to do anything else. But that is not going to help us to grow in our knitting/crochet or understand what we are doing. I just started this pattern Rhea Capelet (knitted) from the Knit and Crochet Now!show (nothing much to show yet). It is not often that a pattern will ask you to go from using one needle size to three sizes up. This pattern did but only for the cast on. But why? I could have just did the cast on and not even worry about it but there is a logic to doing certain things that we are told to do and we should know why because it will help in future patterns we do.

What am I working with after the cast on? Well, there is a leaf lace design and it is a wider design that needs room to stretch out. Oh, that is why the difference in needle size because you do not want it to be a tight cast on for such a stitch. And going from the lace design to the straight stockinette body would make it look awkward.

We have to remember that this has been designed and then a sample made to see how it would work. But then we also have to take into account how we knit. Are we a tight knitter or a loosy goosy knitter? That is where the gauge comes in. If we don't do a gauge and we know that we are a loosy goosy knitter then in this case with the needle size the jump or difference might make it too loose. Skipping steps even in life can cause problems. For example, I wanted this clock and I ordered the clock. But what I didn't do was to measure where the clock would go to make sure it would fit in that space. Well, when the clock arrived I went to put it up and of course the space would not fit the clock. So then I had to rearrange things so that I could use the clock which is something I didn't want to do. Not thinking it out or skipping an important step caused a problem. If we do the same in our knitting or crochet we will sometimes regret that decision of skipping an important step. Just a little food for thought.

These are the things that we have to think about before our projects are started. Yes, we would just want to knit/crochet but that could cause a disaster or the end result not to be of our liking because we wanted to skip steps or not use the method given. We can skip steps but there could be consequences to our actions. So I would think about identifying what kind of knitter/crocheter you are and how your knitting/crochet usually comes out with or without gauging to see if delving into a project is the right thing to do for what we are making. We put so much time and effort into our work we don't want the end result not to be of our liking./p>

If you are new at knitting/crochet then you still have some things to learn and mistakes to make. With all that we do we want to keep on learning and changing our habits to what will bring an end result that we are pleased with.

We also want to make life easier with knitting/crochet. So with a larger number to cast on or chain I will mark every fiftieth stitch/chain with a pin so that I would not have to count again and again. You could do it on any number. I just chose fifty because I didn't want to count any higher than that - personal preference comes into the picture.

So what else am I working on? Well I finished two items.

Knitted Ameeta Scarf - yarn: Loops and Thread Impeccable

I enjoyed this scarf and it is an easy and fun pattern to make. But keeping track of the rows is important if you want the design to flow correctly.

Quick Crochet Cable Beret - yarn: Red Heart Soft

This was a very quick beret to make. Once I got use to the pattern I didn't need it. I say this is a good in the middle project between a couple that need more attention as you are making them.

Crochet Short Ruana - yarn: Red Heart Soft

The way this is constructed is in one piece. The back is worked and then one side of the front is worked and then the other side. The sides of the piece is not seemed but left open and a belt is used to hold it in place. I am not sure yet if I will come up with some other closure or not since the belts don't look the best with the extra weight I have - LOL.

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