Thursday, June 17, 2010

Update on UFO Projects

Well how are my UFO's coming along?

I finished the sleeves on the brown tweed sweater. I have to block the pieces and start putting it together, and then do the front band and there is a collar.

I am working on finishing the sleeves for the orange sweater. After the sleeves I have the front band to do. I don't think I will have enough for the belt but it doesn't matter because I have enough belts that I could use with this.

I am adding another UFO. I thought since I am on a roll with going through the unfinished, I would add another one every week for the next several weeks to continue the momentum. This is called Short Top. I made it about an inch and a half longer. I have a skirt pattern with a higher waist that would go great with this. So I will sew that up later. It came from the Vogue Knitting Designer Knits book. I really love the Vogue Knitting collection of books and magazines.

From the picture and color of the top you can't see that there are long cables worked across. I loved the simplicity of this top with raglan sleeves. I am making it out of wool that I got from the Stitches East Convention a few years back. Again, it takes time to figure out what you want to make out of certain yarns. But either you figure it out or it goes bye bye into someone's stash.

Working on my UFO's gives me the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. But I have to admit that I did start and finished a rug that is crocheted. I love the pattern. It is a big doily. Check it out on my flickr.

So have you taken out any UFO to work through?

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