Sunday, June 6, 2010

Where Else To Find Help With Your Projects

I was making this baby blanket and the pattern was more as an example of doing crochet cables. I went by the pattern because I was not going to give it to anyone; I just wanted to do the cabling. I love knit cables, but I am not a fan of crochet cables. Just a personal choice. So I wanted to make this small blanket. After I was finished, I looked at it and something was missing. It needed something extra to finish it. I know an edging. So I started looking in books for an edging that I thought would fit. That is the one thing that could take time is looking for that something extra, in this case an edging that would go with my project.

I had happened to take a book from the library on just that - edgings, called "Crochet Border Designs". I love this book. It has such a variety to choose from. This book I will purchase.

One of my treasure spots are libraries. Given the bad situation brewing with the cutting of funds for libraries, I thought this post would be appropriate to talk about how much libraries mean to me. I am fortunate that were I live we are connected to 28 member libraries. What fun! That means that I can borrow from any and all of those libraries. And that is not only books but DVD's, CD's, and magazines on knit and crochet.

Because of the popularity of knitting, the selection of books has expanded. The library where I started the knit group has so many craft books they almost don't have room to put them. They will have to do a shift of books on the shelves just to accommodate them. It is so exciting to go to the knit group and one of the librarians will tell me that they have new books in.

I chose which books to do a project or two from and which ones I just gotta have for my personal library. I am the type that I need to see the book before I buy it. So with the majority of the books in my personal library I either borrowed from the library, saw at a friends house, or at a book store before I purchased them.

I have really enjoyed Vogue International Knitting. These are their earlier issues of magazines and they combined them in a book form. Yes, there are so many new patterns out, but don't forget about the treasures from previous pattern finds.

The patterns in Vogue International Knitting are beautiful and I have expanded my skills by knitting the different projects I've chosen. I know that you might be saying, Vogue Knitting, that must be all advanced patterns, but no they are not. There are those that are easy with just a touch of a technique that you might not have tried before or a different stitch pattern. So don't rule it out because it is Vogue.

I heard on the news one guy say that he didn't see the benefit of libraries because of everything you need can be found online. Well, I can tell that he is not a knitter or crocheter. As I stated above, I love to get the different books that have patterns and techniques that I am looking for. There is so much that the library carries that the Internet does not have nor will not have.

Because of the economy the libraries are being visited more often. But because of budget cuts the libraries are starting to suffer. They are starting to close on certain days and in this area the program that would pick the books up for you from different has been stopped. Now you have to physically go to that library and pick up the books yourself. That means you can't take the books back to your local library for them to return the books, but you must return the books back to the library that you borrowed them from yourself. I'm glad that I took full advantage of this program. I will miss that convenience. We need to support our libraries in any way we can to keep them open and the cuts minimal.

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