Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What's More Important Than Working On My Crafts?

Could there be something that is more important? Well, yes there is. It is my health, because without my health I could not do my crafts to the large extent that I do them. It amazes me sometimes when I think that I love getting my hands into different crafts, but there is a true disconnect when it comes to me and cooking. I have started walking again for exercise, but I really don't like cooking. I have been struggling with this my whole life and will continue to struggle with it. I guess one main reason is that I am single and it is a little hard to cook only for one person. So I would rather sew, knit, crochet, bead and anything else I come up with instead of cooking.

We are so fortunate these days to be in such an informational world. Just a click of the button and poof recipes and videos are there for us to follow step by step to make a meal. You can look up meals from any country (I know you might have a problem getting the required ingredients, but the recipes are there). There is the library that is packed with cookbooks, for those without a computer. The variety and ideas are endless. And there is the cooking channel that can get you so excited about your next meal; well not if I have to cook it. I just love to see other people express their passion, excitement, and drive to do what they love. I just wish I had some of that, for cooking of course.

Believe it or not, I love to eat. I've always said I don't eat to live but live to eat. That is one thing I miss about the money situation is going to different cultural restaurants trying the different ethnic dishes.

I'm just glad that there is more on healthy eating buzzing around. Because of all the health issues increasing at younger ages, it shows that we need to consider making small changes daily or weekly to give us a big return.

I have to say that I changed my thinking. I had a habit of doing well and then I would stop. But then I had to wait until the beginning of the month or the beginning of the week to get back on board. Now I have that "now" attitude. I know myself how I am that I will stop from time to time. When I am ready to get back on track then I start thinking what I can do today or the next day to continue. I use to say I have to start again. No, that just makes you feel bad about stopping. Now I say I need to continue where I left off to keep growing and improving my healthy living.

So what can you do to work on eating healthier, exercising more, keeping the brain functioning clearer, and living life more to the full? Start today and you won't regret it. Embrace any small change you can make. We have to keep reworking our healthy regiment to make it better. This in turn will keep our energy up so that we could continue to enjoy and do more with our hobbies and our lives.

Ok, I got it now. It is not all about the needle arts. It is about enjoying our crafts as we also tackle life's challenges. It's about splitting our time between our needle arts and life (in this instance a healthy lifestyle), but using the needle arts as a stress reliever and fun. Does that sound right? So as I press on and conquer, you do the same.

Quote: "He who enjoys good health is rich, though he knows it not." Italian Proverb

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