Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Healthy Regiment Update

Excuse my absence but my blog was down for a week not knowing what had happened. I did figure the problem out and it is solved. Then I needed some down time to catch up with emails, make samples for my classes, and guess what - I started cooking.

We are all struggling with something that we wish we could just get a handle on. It might be weight, our daily schedule of what we need to accomplish, putting "me" time in the schedule when you have children or other responsibilities. And you might be with me as I continue to struggle with cooking. Well, since I have a busy schedule I need the stamina to continue to do all I need to do in one day. That takes energy and the combination that gives me that energy is; water, exercise, juicing, and eating my fruits and vegetables. There is no stand-alone that will give me all the energy I need.

So as I revealed what I wanted to accomplish with my healthy lifestyle, all of a sudden I had the desire to cook. I thought maybe I was sick or something, just to think that I actually wanted to cook. So I looked at what staples I already had and then I went to the store and gathered the items that could go with the items I had at home and a world wind went through the house. I looked in my refrigerator and freezer and it was full of cooked food. Yes, I cooked and it has lasted me three weeks since I froze some of it. I made a couple of soups, vegetables, other dishes that I had recipes for and I have been eating so healthy and feeling more energetic.

Like I had mentioned, it is not just the eating. I have been working out on the trampoline and doing stretches since I don't do walking in the cold weather. This is really a great alternative for indoor exercising. I try to have it as a part of my schedule every day so that when I need to skip a day or two I don't feel bad. It's not being a fanatic but working on balance. I continue to strive to take better care of my body. For the mind my knitting and crochet keeps me sane.

We all like control in some form or fashion. One of the best areas to use that control mechanism in us is to keep striving for a better health regiment so that you have control of your own health. You not only will look good on the outside but you will feel good from the inside out. This is not just for springtime but year round.

Now the question remains can I keep this cooking up? Only time will tell. I'll let you know how I am doing. I take one day at a time. How about you? Have you tried to put at least one change in your diet or exercise program for a better health regiment? I think putting it out on my blog helped me to be more accountable. Find what will work for you. Let's continue to strive to be healthier.

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