Friday, September 4, 2015

Working With Scrap Yarns

In previous posts I talk about how I love using my scrap yarns for projects. Below are a couple of projects I made with my scrap yarns. But I was going through that pile of UFO's and wanted to continue with this project - Bavarian Crochet.

This technique stitch pattern gives you the opportunity to do so much with colors but you can start out using scrap yarns. Yes - start out because after you get further into the project if it is not at last a half of a skein of (regular size) yarn you will not finish a round. This is a yarn eating project for sure. Well, a lot of crochet projects use more yarn than knitting does.

My pattern of colors I chose to do was using variegated yarn for one round then taking two colors out of the variegated yarn for the next two rounds. Then take a different variegated yarn and do the same thing. I am at that point that I used all of my half skeins of yarn and I need to go out and buy. What is great about this project is that I could determine the size but what is not so great is that I have to figure out how many skeins I will need for each round when it gets bigger. I want to make sure I get the right dye lot. But with this project if there is a color difference it really won't show. Lovin that. Working with different colors is a lot of fun and exciting just waiting to see the end result.

I have one more variegated yarn left and two that go well with it so after that a trip to Michael's I go after I figure out what color I want next. I will show my progress.

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