Friday, September 25, 2015

Blocking Trouble

I have so much trouble blocking my projects. No it is not because I don't know what I am doing but it's that little fellow in the picture. I don't have that extra room to put my projects on the floor to dry.

This is Shadow my baby boy. I've had him for three years. I found him outside and he was about 6 months old. I was not looking for another cat after I put my two other babies down but he was out there with some bad weather coming and I just couldn't see him staying out there. He is the perfect cat. I have no trouble with him even with my yarn - really how much more can I ask for.

Of course with most cats if you put something new down and it could be a piece of paper they sniff it and lay down as if to say, "Look what mommy gave me, something new to lay down on." So with blocking items it is impossible to block it in peace. But I think I found a place I could put it. There is a spot that is hidden that he does not go around. I forgot about that and I tried that spot and for the first blocking it worked. I will see if he discovers my new find.

Not everything needs to be blocked. Like this red shawl. It's called Definitely Diagonal Scarf a free pattern found on Ravelry. I like the natural way the stitches flow. I don't want to stretch them out. But this other shawl from the Knit Simple magazine Spring/Summer 2015 called Short-row Shawl needed blocking. Look at the difference. The shawl looks all shriveled up but you bring it to life with blocking. I really loved the construction of both shawls.

Blocking opens and defines the stitches, especially when you are using lacy stitch pattern and it shapes it better. I love seeing the end result of a good blocking. There are several different ways to block. I used the complete emerge in water blocking because I wanted the water to soak through the whole thing and then stretch it out. You have to be careful not to wring it out but squeeze out gently the excess water. Then with a dry towel I placed the shawl on it and let the towel soak up more water. Then comes laying it out, pinning it down and checking the measurements you want or from the pattern. Let it dry and if you need to change the towel do so then let it completely dry.

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