Friday, September 11, 2015

What My Craft Does For Me

I love having my knitting and crochet in my life. Especially when I am waiting somewhere and I need something to occupy my time.

I was to Motor Vehicles the other day and when I got there it was crowded. I mean the line was long. I've never had to wait in line like that. I went to one that I've never went to before because the one I use to go to closed down. Well, as you can imagine when the guard said that even though you are in line it has been so busy all day you might still not get in. We were all standing in line outside the building and the inside was packed.

Long story short I didn't get in but no time was wasted. I had a large bag of goodies. No I'm not talking about cookies or candy, I'm talking about my knitting and crochet. I got comfortable on the stoop and started in. I worked on a couple of projects and took care of some of those pesky yarn ends. Two projects in particular was this Beret hat from the Knitting Today magazine from an earlier issue of 2011 and BLT Scarf from Ravelry.

I even finally got to read the articles from a newspaper that a student of mine gave me and I had not read them yet. They were from the Home News Tribune and a knitter Pamela MacKenzie writes the articles. I'm glad because she posted some patterns for chemo hats I want to make for donation.

I felt so accomplished but yet I still have to go back for the reason I was there - renewal of my license and registration. I get so excited when I have time I didn't expect to work on. But I was so glad I had my bag of goodies and especially when I see all those other people waiting in line with nothing to do. I don't know how they do it because I would go crazy. I tell people I can wait anywhere and for any amount of time as long as I have my bag full of goodies. I get in my zone and I'm good.

I've been called a bag lady but I was such a happy bag lady. And really what knitter or crocheter that is truly into their art is not a bag lady/man.

Enjoy doing what makes you happy.

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