Friday, September 3, 2010

The Finish Line

The goal is to have a completed project done to give as a gift, make for charity, or make for yourself. The finish line is the last steps to completion of your project.

So for fun, I asked myself am I a process or project knitter/crocheter? I am so passionate for the needlearts. I eat and sleep with my projects in mind. I can't wait to come home to work on a project that I can't take anywhere because I have to concentrate on it. I have already talked about how I don't like to cook and I would rather do my needle arts than cook.

So when I ask that question to myself then I struggle with the answer because I love my projects, but I also love most of the process. Then it changes when I get to the end and I have to do the finishing work like; weave in ends, sew up seams, embellishing, sew on buttons, blocking etc... I definitely lean more towards the project itself. And don't even think about grafting with the kitchener stitch, and then I say - run! Hand sewing use to be my friend, now we are a little distant. I shy away in hopes that when I return it will magically be done - not.

I made a baby blanket in two parts because of the scallop edge and I wanted the same look on the other side. I didn't think of using the provisional cast on so the result is two pieces that need to be graft together. This project taught me to really think through before I start so as to make sure I use the right techniques to get the result I'm looking for. Also, to make things easier and in this case to produce a cleaner finish. The blanket has been sitting there waiting for the day that I would tackle this dreaded task. It's time for the blanket to come out of the dungeon. Ok, just do it already.

My ultimate goal for the next 6 months is to learn how to appreciate the whole process of my needlearts. How I'm going to do that, I don't know. But it sounded like a good goal to have and I like making goals. As with anything we do, there is a part we might love and there is a part that we might hate, dislike, or avoid.

The best thing to do for tackling the finishing is wait until you are up to doing the task, take a deep breath and go in head on. Or you could do what I do. I break down my task. I've done one seam a day just to help take the sting out of the task I don't like. I love breaking things down to manageable sizes. I actually get more done.

Process vs. project - which one are you? Enjoy the total experience of your projects.

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