Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Love For Puppets

How do you like my pig hand puppet? It is a free pattern found on the Red heart website. I just had to make it since I love puppets. There are a lot of fascinating things in the world and I found one in the world of puppetry. You might say that you always thought puppets are just for kids. That reminds me of the stigma that knitting was only supposed to be for the grandmothers and aunts of a certain age of the world. I'm glad that we continue to dispute that one because we would miss out on a lot of joy and fun.

Getting back to puppets, the artistry is amazing and real-like with a lot of them. Seeing a puppet show can take you into another world and help you forget as you sit there mesmerized at the whole performance. As for me, being involved with the needlearts has opened my interest in so many other creative areas of the art world. I have been to several puppet museums, exhibits, and shows and I am always amazed at the creativity of the designer of the puppets. The imagination and skill of the scenes surrounding the puppets are amazing also. It blends all together where that your mind tunes in and is lost in the land of make believe.

The designer's passion oozes out as the end result is your enjoyment. You can't help but be excited by the talent you see as the lights go out and the puppets come alive, as the stage lights up and the fascinating show begins.

There was a special exhibit sponsored by the Museum for African Art in New York City. It was called Episodes. All I kept saying was - WOW as I gazed upon the beautifully crafted puppets. And since I sew I could appreciate the time put in to create specific costumes for the part each puppet would play. The way the exhibit was put together made you appreciate it even more. The exhibit was an installation of puppets from seven productions over sixteen years by The Handspring Puppet Company. If only I could have seen one of those productions, I know they had to have been remarkable.

If you haven't seen a real puppet show or visited either an exhibit or a puppet museum, I would highly recommend a visit. You will be amazed. All in the name of the arts. You could use your kids as the excuse to go or you could borrow a child for the day and both of you could enjoy the wonders of puppetry. But if you do take children ask about the suggested age for the puppet show. Some of the shows will go over the heads of little ones.

I have added my list of favorite puppet museums and puppet theaters that you can go to. There are many more and I would suggest to look in your area or when you plan your next vacation there just might be one around the area where you are traveling to. It's worth it. Enjoy.

Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry, Storrs, CT

Center for Puppetry Arts, Atlanta, GA

Salzburg Marionette Theater (check their show travel schedule)

The Cashore Marionettes (check their show travel schedule)

The Long Island Puppet Theatre & Museum, Hicksville, NY

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