Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Apology for the Airy Yet Warm Free Scarf Pattern

I totally appreciate your visiting my blog. It has been so much fun. But I am truly sorry for the mix-up with my directions for the Airy Yet Warm Free Scarf Pattern that I posted on August 10th. It was not my intention to confuse anyone. I did not realize that I had wrote the seed stitch wrong (now I can really see how another pair of eyes can come in handy). I did not mean to take up your time and effort in vain. I appreciate the two people that sent me a comment regarding their frustration in not being able to get the pattern right. I have fixed the errors in the pattern and added a couple of notes hoping that you will try it again. It is really an easy pattern once you get the first repeats done. Please let me know if you still are having any problems. This will help me in writing future patterns.

I will put an earnest effort into making any future patterns correct. Thank you again and happy knitting.

Miss Craft Diva

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