Thursday, December 16, 2010

Contemplating The New Year

As I sit and think about the New Year, I can only imagine how it will be. But, of course, I have my goals and that means it will be a very busy year. I'm sure you felt as I have that this year came and is going out quickly. Maybe you were able to meet some of your goals and maybe you will have to shift the leftovers to next year. And that is all right. As long as you learned, grew some more (mentally - unless you are hoping to be taller), and you want to do even better in the coming year across the journey of your life.

For me, I am going to be super busy next year. I've already started to book classes and I am excited about that. Because of my upcoming year of excitement, I will have to change my posting to two days a week for now. On Tuesday and Thursday I will post. I want to be consistent but with my schedule it will be a challenge. Speaking of excitement, is anyone attending the VogueKnitting Live? Well, I will be volunteering there and I am excited to be around well known teachers and authors to be able to pick up some tidbits of how to continue to grow as a better instructor of the needlearts. If you are going I hope you have a great time shopping and/or taking a class. I will report back to you about my three day adventure. But I sure hope it doesn't snow.

As far as my blog posts, I would like to know your thoughts. Let me ask you a question. What do you not like about the end result of your project(s)? I'm always talking about learning something new and improving, but are you satisfied with your projects and if not why? What would you like to see on my blog? How can I help you grow? I know that with trying to find answers to questions it is hard when your schedule does not permit you to do the research that you would like to do. If you have specific questions on anything with the needlearts then put it out there. I would be happy to find you the site or answer your question to help you to move forward in your quest to learn more. You can either post a comment or send an email to my address on the top of my blog page. Let's make this a fun learning and creative year.

I am always encouraging people to take a class. With a class you are able to have one-on-one attention and get questions answered without trying to do a lot of research. You have the opportunity to meet more people that love the same hobby as you do. You can get help on your projects and continue to learn more as you go. Your creativity and inspiration can grow as you mingle with others that are like minded. So I am including my class announcement below for any in the areas I've listed. Give yourself a gift of learning. I hope to see you at one of my sessions. Please by all means pass this along to friends and family.


I'm Hitting the Road with My Classes

If you live in the Central Jersey area near North Brunswick then you would be excited to know that Michael's Arts and Craft store has started classes for knitting and crochet. And guess who is the knitting instructor - me. So if you have been putting off learning more, or if you know of someone that has wanted to learn how to knit, then the opportunity is now. Michael's is working with the Craft Yarn Council of America to bring classes back into their stores. I teach on Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm - 9:00pm. It is a 2 1/2 hour class. And there are some really great projects to work on as you learn. So click on both sites and learn more about what is offered. I hope to see you there.

North Village Shopping Center
869 US 1
North Brunswick, NJ

But this is not stopping me from hitting the road with my classes. You can have more flexibility with dates and times by scheduling a workshop. So you have more choices now. Depending upon where you live, you can come to Michael's and take a class or design your own workshop to your liking in your area. Choose today and sign up. Read below if you would like to build a workshop.


I found that without a doubt my passion is the needlearts. I love to teach and I want to show my passion through my teaching.

The winter is here in this part of the world and that means cold weather and staying inside more because activities usually slow down for a lot of people. What could this mean? This means a great time for knitting and crocheting - of course.

I keep hearing the same things. There are no classes offered in my area. I don't know how to read a pattern so I am limited as to what I can make. I don't understand how to do different stitches or techniques, and I want to learn more so that I can do more. I have questions that I would like answered and I would like to be in a group setting. And it is always those that have not even tried to knit or crochet and they say, I've always wanted to learn that. Well, the time is now.

I'm in search for those that want to learn more and want to build their knitting and crochet skills. Why not host a workshop and get your questions answered, learn how to read a pattern, pick out yarn and learn new techniques that will help you go farther with your needlearts. Make plans for Miss Craft Diva and build a workshop around what you would like to learn. I can customize a workshop for either 4 to 6 hours of packed learning time.

There are way too many people that I come across that say they can't read a pattern. There are those that are stuck and can't go any farther and there is just too much still to learn. Do you have questions on a project, want to start a project or need help finishing a project? Then having a workshop in your area would benefit you because it can be tailored to the needs of the majority of the attendees.

If you live in NJ, Delaware, PA, or Staten Island and you are within a 2 1/2 hour drive from Central, NJ then you can make plans for Miss Craft Diva to come and teach a workshop in your area. Find the place for the workshop to be held and I have the skills to teach.

For now the classes are for levels beginners and intermediate which offer a host of techniques to learn. I would love to help you expand your knowledge and face your fears so that you can do more and have more fun.

If you know of friends or family members that would love to learn or expand what they know, I would appreciate it if you could pass along this information and help them get started or learn more in the needlearts.

Send me an email to to get more details. And stop putting off today as you keep saying 'one day' or 'that would be nice - but...' Make it happen because the opportunity is here.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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