Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Summer Brings Different Excitements For Each Of Us

I know this won't appeal to everyone, but I just had to share this because my blog also includes other loves in my life.

When the summer comes after a long winter there are certain things that you look forward to. You want to feel the sun beating down to make you warm and feel good inside. You want to enjoy the freedom to go places that are non existent in the winter time. You want to see certain things that you don't get to see in the winter time like the bloom of an array of flowers.

I look for one other thing each summer. I've been fortunate to find at least one for the past several years in the summer. That is a praying mantis. I like a few bugs here and there, but I am very selective. These are beautiful and intriguing creators. As you can see from the pictures that this little fellow is special.

A friend and I were leaving our knit group and headed for her car. She called me over to show me what was on her tire. It was a praying mantis. Now she didn't want to touch him, but she didn't want to hurt him either. You don't have to love every animal and bug to have respect for them. So we got a vase that she had and placed him inside. Since she was driving I had a chance to really see how he reacted. At first, he wanted to just get out - naturally. Then he just went for the ride so calmly as if he knew that we wouldn't harm him. So off he went to her house. She has a nice size backyard with trees. We watched him for a little bit longer and then let him go amongst the bushes.

I went back a little later and he was gone off to do what they do. But it made my summer complete and more fulfilling to be able to watch that wonderful creature that we know so little about.

He acted like a cat sitting and grooming himself. I usually don't get to watch the praying mantis that I find because I am usually trying to place them somewhere that they won't get squashed or there is a time factor. But this time I really got to watch him and see how beautiful he is.

Maybe you also have a special beauty of nature that you love to look forward to see in the summer. I hope you got to see yours also.

"Each season has its joys to treasure, to lift one's spirit and bring us pleasure"


Salut (Bye)

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