Friday, December 10, 2010

Lesson Learned

I know that my blog posts can be lengthy sometimes. I know that you are busy and time is a factor. So just for the fun of it I'm throwing in a short one.

I had a lesson learned with this cable sweater. I learned to look at the pattern picture and my results to see if they match. Why? because if you look at the picture the cabling is staggered. If you look at my sweater, which I went by the pattern, the cables are straight down on top of each other. If I would have looked at the picture to check my work instead of being so excited to make it, I would have caught the error. But I just kept going and said that I would make it again and do it the way it looks in the picture.

Well, I had purchased a stash of yarn from a fellow knitter and thought I would have enough yarn because I thought I did the math correctly as to yardage, swatch, and needle size. It didn't work this time. I did have enough for the sweater itself up until the last few rows of the second sleeve. Oh no! So that meant I don't have enough for part of the sleeve and the belt. I could always get a belt but the sleeve - not. I thought about it and since I had the issue with the cables I'm just going to rip it out. Yes, I know all of that work. But I have to be happy with the end result.

Did you know that if you are having a problem with a pattern and you think it is in error that there is for most professional patterns and some free patterns an error page or update on the pattern. I'll touch more on that another day.

Motto of the story is:

  • make sure you have extra yardage for your project

  • make a gauge swatch according to the pattern instructions with the correct needle size then if need be make adjustments to attain the gauge

  • look at the picture for a guide and see if your work is coming out the same - that is if you want the same look that the pattern displays

You are not after perfection but improving on your skills with every project and continuing to learn should be your goal.

Auf wiedersehen (Good bye)

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